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My Personal Experience with Male Edge Device

One of the primary concerns when it comes to sexual performance is whether your partner is enjoying it not and if not then what are the primary reasons behind this factor.  

Male Edge

There can be several factors attributable to this poor performance during intercourse; however, it is always preferable to know the specific ones.

Nowadays, one of the common underlying reasons behind this problem is said to be small penis size that doesn’t help you get the optimum erection leading to a poor performance throughout.

You may come across several products promising to help you in this regard, but as a human being you may feel reluctant to try out any one of these because you may have heard some side effects over time. This fear is something natural and cannot be avoided at any cost.

So, it is better not to get disappointed and lose hope and there are still some products in the market that value customers’ concerns and security as a priority, and Male Edge is one of them. Male Edge, a renowned category of male penis extender has set to storm the market since years.


So, you may feel that you haven’t heard of this product before and you are still not comfortable in trying something random from the market, then it is completely OK, as you are always provided with a series of reviews online where both satisfied and unsatisfied customers share their opinions.

Male Edge offers you several positive online reviews that are only single click away. Let’s have a look on this review where a 35 year old married man shared his journey with Male Edge.

He wrote about his pre-Male Edge life where he was very disappointed and frustrated with his sexual performance where he could never give any kind of satisfaction to his partner.

He started to avoid her just to skip any form of argument as he never had any answer for those questions. One day, he read about Male Edge and how people are benefiting from this miraculous product and are content with their sex life now.

He ordered one pump and decided to give it a try. At first, he read the instructions carefully and started to pump his penis accordingly. Only after few pumps he started to feel a sudden difference that was very new to him and gradually his penis started to get erected 2 to 3 inches longer.

He couldn’t believe his eyes and now he considers himself among the satisfied group of customers.


  • Scientifically recommended and endorsed
  • Money back guarantee option
  • Best alternative in helping you to grow penis without surgery
  • Will protect you against Peyronie`s
  • More control over erections
  • One of the categories of traction enlargement mechanisms that is recommended by doctors worldwide.
  • Not only enhances size but girth as well.


Male Edge is based on a natural mechanism and it is a non-surgical device that helps you to grow your penis size naturally.

This method of enlargement is clinically tested and also proven to be safe for use.  In surgical procedures, you may get an enlarged penis but it has its own set of inherent complications.

Pills are generally untested and usually not a recommended way to increase your organ’s size. So one of the safest methods of enlargement is neither pills nor surgery but an effective traction devise.

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Jes Extender is different from its competitors, as it is not only a pump but a well-devised program that has been formulated by keeping in view its customers’ choice and preferences.

The program helps you to set your own pace and goals and majority of customers have witnessed a growth by 2-3 inches with a substantial rise in girth too.

Once you decide the duration of wearing the device and the level of traction to be applied, we can set the speed of the pump.


It is renowned product and can be acquired through multiple sources; however, it is always better to know the best source possible.

The official website offers the entire kit in different editions to be purchased, so that you have a variety of choices. Male Edge coupons should also be acquired during different time intervals.

The basic cart will cost you around $149.99 whereas the extra kit is only for $174.99.


  • Instructions need to be understood fully before any application
  • You can have an uneasy feeling in the beginning but that will go away with time and constant usage.


Male Edge has acquired popularity over time so many counterfeit products under the same brand name have entered the market, so it is always better to order from the official website.